FADER Mix: @Seinfeld2000

The calzone-loving Twitter parodist teams with Toronto DJs Walter Deans and Taymore to celebrate Seinfeld’s arrival on Hulu.

June 24, 2015

Seinfeld lovers rejoice: starting today, you can watch all 180 episodes of American's favorite show about nothing for free on Hulu (and also visit a reconstruction of Jerry's Upper West Side apartment, if you happen to live in the New York area). To celebrate, Jason Richards, the Toronto-based writer behind Seinfeld parody Twitter @Seinfeld2000, has cobbled together some of his favorite musical moments from the decade-spanning sitcom.

The 27-minute mix—crafted with help from local DJs Walter Deans and Taymore—features soundtrack highlights from 13 different episodes, one very famous George Constanza answering machine monologue, and even an a cappella cover of the notoriously slap-bassy Seinfeld theme song by Vampire Weekend's very own Ezra Koenig, recorded for the Junior Mint-inspired online game Richards unleashed on the internet last year. Check out the mix below, along with an unedited email interview with the man who can't stop compulsively penning hypothetical, present-day plotlines for the show. Spoiler alert: he answered our questions in character.


Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings.

None of your beeswax BABY!!! Just kiding, im in my apartment, which is exact full scale replica of Jerys apartment. I would atach a photo but u would just think it was literaly a screneshot from seinfeld smh. I have been carefuly renovating and remodeling my suite and selecting the perfect furnitures for the past four years until it look simply perfect. like for example? k my refirgerator is from 1991. It doesnt work very well. who am i kiding it doesnt work at all but it look EXACT like Jery fridge. Thats all that matter. I put a big salad in there two days ago and honestly it smell horible. Also i have a bicycle hanging up on the wall on the way to my bedroom just like jery, and then the parts of my living space that u never saw on the show are just a cold stark white. Like purgutory

What do you want people to feel when they listen to this mix?


First and formost i want them to be so arouse by the music of the best show in televisien history all just combined in to one blend that they think “it moved.” You know just like in the clasic epsode of Sienfeld where gerge is impotent but then he eat a ripe chunk of mango and then he just cry out “GERGE IS GETTIN ERECT!” This is basicaly the soul of seinfeld in audio form. Does that make sense? But even more honestly i want listeners to feel the spirit of colaboratien becase my new BFFs, the DJs Walter Deans and Taymore who i met on sociel media? Thesy are the real heros here. They realy put together this killer mix and realy used their imagenatiens to the fullest. I love them both for life and even if i die theyre in my will somewhere, so they can just kick back and chill some where (specificaly my apertment. it have superman doll and a PC computer from 1993 just like jery seinfeld apartment have on Seinfeld when it was still on TV). Finaly, i hope it inspires listeners to imagen what seinfeld would be like in the current day. Like if NBC never cancel it in 1998 or whatever

If the party is not popping off, what’s your go-to song to get it back on track?

Come on Fader, obvi the seinfeld theme. But honestly if seinfeld2k is in the place the party is never not poping off … especialy when i break out the directors cut of Bee Movie (Dreamworks, 2007) on Blu Ray disc, BABY!!!


What was something you read last year that you identified with, or were affected by?

SeinLanguage, Jery Seinfelds book of clasic observatiens. I read it every year and think it should be in hotel room drawers like the gideon bible. Also the title is pun – sound like “sign language” LMAFO!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

What is your favorite thing to cook, and how do you prepare it?

Eggplant calzone just like Mr Stenbrenner (Gerge boss at New York yankees) is obsessed with in the epsode THe Calzone. I simply take a pita bread and i chop up a raw egplant and throw the pieces inside then pop it in the micro wave for :45 seconds. Im not gona lie to u im not a very good cook.


Mack David and Jerry Livingston - Looney Tunes Overture (from “The Opera”)
Jonathan Wolff - Seinfeld Theme
Eagles - Witchy Woman (from “The Checks”)
Jonathan Wolff - Kramer’s Pimp Theme (from “The Wig Master”)
Edwin Starr - War (from “The Marine Biologist”)
Foghat - Slow Ride (from “The Slicer”)
Petula Clark - Downtown (from “The Bottle Deposit, Part One”)
Abelard - Seinwave2000
Ezra Koenig - Seinfeld Theme (www.thejuniormint.com)
Will Smith - Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It (from “The Reverse Peephole”)
Earth, Wind and Fire - Shining Star (from “The Little Kicks”)
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (from “The Clip Show”)
Jason Alexander - George’s Answering Machine (from “The Susie”)
Joey Scarbury - Believe It Or Not (Theme From The Greatest American Hero) (from “The Susie”)
Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin’ (from “The Mom & Pop Store”)
Eagles - Desperado (from “The Checks”)
Jackie Davis - Manana (Is Soon Enough For Me) (from “The Blood”)
Eminem - My Name Is
Lionel Richie - Hello (from “The Voice”)
Green Day - Time Of Your Life (from “The Clip Show”)

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FADER Mix: @Seinfeld2000