Ian Drennan Finds Beauty In An Awkward Moment On “Titan Arum”

It’s taken from Flower Of Love, the NYC a’tist's forthcoming album on Underwater Peoples.

June 24, 2015

NYC artist Ian Drennan has an ear for awkward or unusual moments. Back in 2013, he made a track comprised of pretty unnerving laughter, and his new song, "Titan Arum," could easily be an interpretation of the internal churn that goes on while you're sitting in a waiting room. You know, those back-and-forth thoughts that run through your head even as your face remains blank. And yet, there's something quite calming about the still life the song paints.

"'Titan Arum' is an emergent result of composition exercises based in meditation: chance operations, field recordings, and repetition," Drennan told The FADER, shedding some light on the limbo-like swing of the song. The titan arum, by the way, is a tropical plant with a rather phallic centerpiece, which ties in rather beautifully with the title of Drennan's forthcoming album, Flower Of Love. Listen out for the latter via Underwater Peoples this September.

Ian Drennan Finds Beauty In An Awkward Moment On “Titan Arum”