The Sky Scenes In Ian Drennan’s New Video Will Give Your Brain A Massage

The New York composer’s third album, Flower of Love, is out now on Underwater Peoples.

December 11, 2015

Back in September, N.Y.C. label Underwater Peoples released composer Ian Drennan's third album, Flower of Love. "Bishop's Lace," a delicate, anticipation-fueled piano-led piece, was the track that set the wheels in motion. "'Bishop's Lace' contains the most distinctly structured movements on the record," Drennan told The FADER. "It was the first composition recorded for Flower Of Love; the album name and concept followed immediately after."


Now, it's got the video it entirely deserves: an enchanting collection of sun-flecked skies, directed by Eric Epstein. "Occasionally shooting time-lapse skies outside my apartment has been a casual hobby of mine for a few years," Epstein told The FADER. "I’m often looking for ways to retroactively justify impulsive practices like that; gathering material and then later finding a good project to match it. It was nice that Ian was open to me doing something that happened to be a little self-serving, but it also seemed to fit quite well."

"Like most of the tracks on Flower of Love, 'Bishops Lace' is named after a flowering plant," he continued. "So starting with the perspective of something pointed up to the sky, existing in a different time-scale, dependent on sun and rain, felt right. And having the graphic elements depict subdivision and radial growth is maybe abstractly plant-y. The video wasn’t meant to convey a clear concept, but it was helpful to guide its structuring."

The Sky Scenes In Ian Drennan’s New Video Will Give Your Brain A Massage