Philly Swain, YG And Christina Milian Want You To “Slow Down” With The Liquor

“The message of the song is to still enjoy that one more moment, just slow down.”

June 25, 2015

Philly Swain was once a local street ball celebrity and a battle MC, but nowadays he's better known as a rapper, songwriter, and producer, with credits on projects by Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga. On "Slow Down," he brings the tempo down a little—the track starts with a minute-and-a-half of breathy Christina Milian vocals, all liquor-soaked and club-weary. As for YG, he's just a boy standing in front of a girl, asking her to have unprotected sex and put her arms around his neck.

Though you wouldn't know it if you didn't play close attention, the song is a meditation on using alcohol as an emotional crutch—Slow down, don't drown, Christina warns. “'Slow Down' was written about about people who drink because of emotional problems and it leads to chaos, belligerence and drunk driving. The message of the song is to still enjoy that one more moment, just slow down," Philly told The FADER over email.


This is what Christina Milian had to say about the collab: "Working with Philly is always crazy; he has words for weeks. We may come from different worlds, but Philly always finds a way to relate creatively. He has really helped me to express myself." Listen to that self-expression below.