New Music Friday: Stream new projects from Sega Bodega, LustSickPuppy, Anitta, and more

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April 26, 2024
New Music Friday: Stream new projects from Sega Bodega, LustSickPuppy, Anitta, and more (L) Sega Bodega. Photo by Aidan Zamiri (M) LustSickPuppy. Photo by @m1lkmansmolotov (R) Anitta. Photo via publicist.  

Every Friday, The FADER's writers dive into the most exciting new projects released that week. Today, read our thoughts on Sega Bodega's Dennis, LustSickPuppy's Carousel From Hell, Anitta's Funk Generation, and more.

Sega Bodega, Dennis
New Music Friday: Stream new projects from Sega Bodega, LustSickPuppy, Anitta, and more

Sega Bodega begins “Elk Skin,” the third track on the electronic producer’s new album, with an audio recording of a Greek fan meekly asking for their voice to be sampled on a song. That Sega Bodega’s supporters see themselves reflected in his music to the degree that they want to be incorporated into it is a testament to its passion and complexity. The artist born Salvador Navarrete has a keen balance of rawness and compositional daring that has fostered collaborations with Björk, Caroline Polachek, and Shygirl, and forged his previous two albums, Salvador and Romeo, both fascinating deconstructions of club music. Dennis is more ruminative than those previous albums, its effect like walking into the cool morning air after hours spent packed shoulder to shoulder in some ecstatic basement party. This effect is clearest on tracks like the album’s centerpiece, “Set Me Free, I’m an Animal,” a piercing alt-folk song. But they’re also present on more dancefloor-inclined tunes like “Adulter8” and “Tears & Sighs.” Listening to Dennis is like staring at your own reflection in another planet’s tidepool: another version of yourself is transmitted back in shapes and colors you never thought you’d see yourself in. — Jordan Darville

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LustSickPuppy, Carousel From Hell
New Music Friday: Stream new projects from Sega Bodega, LustSickPuppy, Anitta, and more

Tommy Hayes has been a constant presence in New York’s underground scene for the last half decade, haunting the stages of DIY spaces and, increasingly, larger venues like an enraged sleep paralysis demon. On past releases as LustSickPuppy, they’ve enlisted the likes of Bonny Baxter (Kill Altars) and Andy Morin (Death Grips) to help craft their explosive instrumentals. But Carousel From Hell, their debut LP, is entirely self-produced, presenting LSP’s chaotic energy in its purest, most extreme form. Even without outside influence, it’s by far Hayes’s most dynamic project to date, demonstrating their ability to ease their foot off the gas just a little, if only to make the full-throttle moments feel even more intense. “American Healthcare” is a two-minute middle finger to our broken system. But even there, between clipping screeches and frantic bars, trancelike passages keep the track from toppling over the precipice into grating harsh noise. And on “Blisster,” a sung passage splices a chorus that ends with LustSickPuppy delivering the line “FEEL MY FUCKING RAGE!!” with a scarier death metal scream than anything Corey Taylor could currently muster. — Raphael Helfand

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Anitta, Funk Generation
New Music Friday: Stream new projects from Sega Bodega, LustSickPuppy, Anitta, and more

Before Anitta became the “Queen of Brazilian Pop,” she was a choir girl from a favela, surrounded by raucous baile funk parties playing funk carioca. Combining elements of hip-hop, samba, rave, bossa nova, and traditional African music, it’s a melting pot of sounds closely associated with Brazil’s working-class communities and bombastic DIY street parties, which Anitta captures on her sixth studio album, Funk Generation. As a Top 40 twist on the genre, there will naturally be clubby songs like “Funk Rave,” which gloss over the genre’s grimier elements in favor of big-tent EDM and reggaeton. But for the most part, Anitta does a surprisingly good job at balancing catchy pop hooks with the grittiness of funk carioca on songs like “Double Team” and “Joga Pra Lua.” And it’s this measured use of Miami bass loops, samba-like percussion, and the occasional guest rapper that keeps Funk Generation from feeling less like candy-coated carioca, and more like the Latin Grammy-nominated superstar’s genuine desire to finally return home. — Sandra Song

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Hovvdy, Hovvdy
New Music Friday: Stream new projects from Sega Bodega, LustSickPuppy, Anitta, and more

The double album is often the reserve of artists with an overarching concept of ambitions of grandeur. Charlie Martin and Will Taylor’s fifth album as Hovvdy is a more humble beast, though, with the 19 songs on their new self-titled effort simply reflecting a growing confidence in their craft. The duo’s mix of indie pop and slowcore beams with gentle sunny melodies that sit atop a bittersweet core. There are songs about the ways family dynamics change with age (“Make Ya Proud” and “Jean”) as well as moments of gratitude delivered from deep inside loving relationships (the excellent “Meant”). As one song ends, it’s a simple delight to hear the next song starting up. — David Renshaw

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New Music Friday: Stream new projects from Sega Bodega, LustSickPuppy, Anitta, and more