Hear Gallant’s Soaring Ballad, “Weight In Gold”

The young singer updates a classic sound on his latest track.

June 30, 2015

Gallant’s “Weight In Gold” inhabits a rarefied space somewhere between Leon Bridges’ sweet nostalgia and Miguel’s heavy, riff-soaked take on R&B. The track opens with cleanly chopped guitar in soul-ballad time signature, but Gallant’s not content just to regurgitate the past. By the time he gets to the hook, he’s added heavy synthesizers—one hits with the force of a battering ram, while the other twinkles merrily on top of the track. The beat becomes heavier too, suddenly channeling the relentless heft of hip-hop. None of this bothers Gallant; his falsetto flies easily above the fray.

If you happen to tune into the newly-launched Beats 1 Radio, you may encounter Gallant’s music: Zane Lowe is a fan. Listen below.

Hear Gallant’s Soaring Ballad, “Weight In Gold”