Rye Rye Teams Up With UK Producer Bullion For “Keep Up”

The unlikely pair are a curveball entry for song of the summer.

July 03, 2015

Baltimore MC Rye Rye and UK odd pop producer Bullion aren't two artists we'd ever have thought of putting together, but Dave Maclean (drummer and producer of Django Django) has done exactly that for a new single on his label Kick + Clap, and it's actually pretty magic. "Keep Up" is a dancehall-leaning low-key summer jam, full of Rye Rye's infectious, sharp-edged charm and Bullion's squiggly experimentalism.

Maclean explained to The FADER: "I found an old MP3 player when I was back at my folks' house, and it had this weird track on it... a dancehall rhythm made with a didgeridoo sample. It was labeled 'Bum Spider.' I tried for ages to Google it and couldn't find anything (googling 'bum spider' brought some strange results) so I put a tweet out describing it but... nothing. Then my manager, who knows the producer Bullion, told me it was by him and that he must have sent it to me ages ago! I called Bullion up and said I had to release this track because I'd become obsessed with it. Rye Rye came to mind immediately for a top line, so I got in touch and she loved the track, so got on it and came back with 'Keep Up'." Have a listen exclusively below, and pre-order it here ahead of its release on July 31st.

Rye Rye Teams Up With UK Producer Bullion For “Keep Up”