Soulection Launches Its Own Beats 1 Radio Show

Saturday nights just got a whole lot better.

July 03, 2015

Soulection, the LA-based crew of producers and DJs, will be in charge of their very own Beats 1—or, as Ebro likes to say, "Beast 1"—radio show. They got a great time spot too: Saturday night from 7 PM to 9 PM PST. Every week, starting tomorrow, Soulection will help prepare you for your Saturday night festivities. The label joins an elite group that includes Drake, Pharrell, and Dr. Dre: these are the tastemakers tasked with introducing a worldwide pool of listeners to exciting new music.

Joe Kay, who co-founded Soulection and hosts its radio show, spoke briefly with FADER about Apple Music. “Apple has managed to create a platform where everything is in one place, which is something that hasn't been done before,” Kay said. “I already check my iPhone music app daily to listen to my own music and playlists, and now I can also listen to live DJs/radio, research the songs that are playing live, and buy/stream the full songs without having to open another app. Another game changer is Connect. Artists that have Connect pages can literally support each other by sharing their peers’ music.”


It won’t be a difficult transition to Beats 1 for Kay—Soulection has always had an important radio component. He explains, “the radio show is the basis of Soulection, so to have the ability to broadcast to a global audience is a great milestone for us. We plan to leverage this worldwide platform to bring on bigger guests who've inspired us over the years and that we respect. We will always stay true to our sound, balancing the indie with more recognizable tunes and aspire to inspire a more mainstream audience to dig a bit deeper.”

Tune in tomorrow night for Soulection’s inaugural Beats 1 show. Check out FADER interviews with Soulection producers Sango and Esta, and listen to the label’s recent compilation honoring Sade.

Soulection Launches Its Own Beats 1 Radio Show