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An Ohio Pirate Radio Station Played Geto Boys Nonstop

Their minds weren’t playing tricks on them.

July 04, 2015

For the past few months, residents of West Price Hill, Ohio who tuned their radios to 87.9 FM were greeted with the sounds of Geto Boys, uncensored and commercial-free. Rather than get an education of pioneering horrorcore hip-hop, offended listeners called the Feds and the station went quiet on Wednesday, though the operator has not been found. The Geto Boys played Cincinnati on July 3, could the station have been an excited fan, or perhaps a guerrilla marketing campaign for their new album's Kickstarter? It's an unusual occurrence even in the history of pirate radio. As local rapper Ilyad Nashid notes in the above news segment, the stations traditionally showcase underground music or a strong political message. Whatever the motives, we should all be thankful that for a time, West Price Hill, Ohio was the horrorcore capital of the world.

An Ohio Pirate Radio Station Played Geto Boys Nonstop