FADER Mix: Bok Bok

Ahead of his set at MoMA PS1’s Warm Up this Saturday, the Night Slugs boss shows us where his head is at.

July 09, 2015

This Saturday, Night Slugs co-founder and consummate club music producer Bok Bok will headline MoMA PS1's Warm Up party in New York. While fans of the label he set up with L-Vis 1990 have over the past few years come to celebrate a specific Night Slugs sound—icy, metallic hybrids of a variety of dance music genres as Adam Harper notes in his new System Focus column— this year the duo blew expectations out the water with records that spanned political post-punk (Jam City) to post-club ambiance (Hysterics). On Bok's FADER Mix, he stays confounding in the best possible way: forget purism, it's pure vibes all the way. See you down the front.


How did you approach this mix?


The selection in this mix is attempting to capture some of the fun I've been having with friends in clubs recently. What Manara, Sweyn J and the other resident DJs at Body Party are doing, Club Rez, and Jam City's Earthly concept have all been an influence. In fact, I debut some forthcoming Jam City material in the mix from a forthcoming Earthly dub mixes 12" that's coming out in October. I got to play a few of the songs that popped off at those events—it was good to get it all down after some time playing these kinds of sets over the last year. It's a good one for summer.

Kingdom recently tweeted that after four days in the studio he had a whole new outlook. How do you approach studio time?

Ha, yea, we had a great productive few days in L.A. recently working on his new EP for Night Slugs. Studio is full-time for me. I work into the night often. The key is to take a lot of breaks and stay well supplied. Being productive in the studio needs a certain clarity—generally, [making] music needs positivity, which is often at odds with our lives, but you have to try your best.


On that tip, when do we get to hear new Bok Bok and what will it sound like?

I just started working on some new material. Don't wanna say anything yet, but hopefully it will be the culmination of some of the things I've learnt over the last [few] years. It's definitely gonna be for the clubs.

It's been a pretty diverse year for Night Slugs so far. What else do you have up your sleeves?


I'm just waiting for these guys to finish up their records! In the works: new Neana, new Ikonika, new Kingdom, new Girl Unit, new Jam City.

How is the Club Constructions Community going?

It was kind of ambitious to be honest! Last I checked L-Vis was giving rounds of feedback. I've been a bit distant from it, working on Jam City's Dream A Garden and other label projects, plus my stuff has kept me busy. Speaking of Club Constructions, in the mix I played some forthcoming NSCC tracks that definitely show another side to the project. CCC is still open, in case anyone's feeling inspired.

And finally, what can we look forward to from your set at Warm Up this Saturday?

I'm actually still haven't fully made my mind up about the plan! It's gonna be good tho—promise. BTW I heard Blaqstarr got added to the lineup and he's on a club tip. Really excited about that, he's one of my favorite artists :)


JAM CITY - Crisis (Earlthy mix) [Night Slugs]
THE DREAM - That’s My Shit
GIRL UNIT - Glass [Night Slugs]
DROOP-E - I’m Loaded (Instrumental)
JAM CITY - Dream ’15 [Night Slugs]
RON BROWZ - I’m Smacked (Instrumental)
THE BANGZ - We Jerkin
Unknown - Native [NSCC]
Unknown - Worst Rhythm [NSCC]
HITMAKERCHINX - Dreams [Fade To Mind]
JEREMIH - Get You Alone (FLORENTINO Refix)
NA - Racks
HITMAKERCHINX - Death Of Atomix [Fade To Mind]
MOKONA - Ballet.exe

Warm Up line-up

July 11
Bok Bok / Night Slugs / London, UK
Corbin (FKA Spooky Black) & Bobby Raps (Live) / St. Paul, MN
Blaqstarr / Mad Decent / Baltimore, MD
Despot (Live) / Queens, NY
Helix / Night Slugs / Miami, FL
Sheen / Night Slugs / London, UK
More info.

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FADER Mix: Bok Bok