Future Responds To OG Maco: “Say That To My Face”

OG Maco: “Understand Future has destroyed countless lives.”

July 13, 2015

Update, 7/13/2015, 5:20 PM: Future addressed Maco's criticisms on Huffpost Live today. "[Maco] need to rap about whatever he rap about," Future said. "He need to start rapping church bible verse, and then he won't start [to] have an opinion on hip hop. He'll talk about Kirk Franklin."

He also disputed the notion that he was ruining the youth with his descriptions of drug use. "The young people inspire me," the rapper continued. "They inspire some things I say and things I do, because the generations have changed. I don’t think I'm destroying lives, it's up to the people to do what they do."


Future objected to Maco's means as well as his message. "OG Maco gonna have to see me and say that to my face," he declared. "All that twitter, I’m not with that. But he should say that to me. When I see him, I'ma see him, and if he don’t say nothing, I'm not gonna respect it. But if he say it in my face, he not gonna get the response I'm saying right now. But besides that, I'ma go live my life and not think about him."

Maco hasn't stayed silent either. He continued to Tweet about the "idiots" who liked "U Guessed It," and suggested that his social media activity is mainly a way of attracting more web traffic. Read his latest round of Tweets below.

Last week OG Maco got on Twitter to express his concern about artists who promote drug use through music. “I love Future,” he wrote. “But I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict.” He qualified this statement with an assertion of his own fandom—“Yall haven’t been listening to him since Rocko tapes.” Most of Maco's ire wasn’t directed at Future though; it was aimed at music listeners. “I knew it would blow because of idiots,” he wrote about “U Guessed It,” his crossover hit. “It was not luck. It wasn’t a accident. I made the dumbest song I possibly could.”

Some Future fans were not happy with Maco’s remarks. In a strange twist, some enterprising Dirty Sprite 2 zealots appear to have taken control of Ogmaco.com, which now shows the picture above: a grinning Future and the question, “Is ogmaco.com for sale?”

Watch Maco on FADER TV below.

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Future Responds To OG Maco: “Say That To My Face”