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Jesse Royal’s “Gimmie Likkle/Finally” Is A Legalization Dream


July 14, 2015

Just because Jesse Royal is a roots revivalist engaging reggae's past doesn't mean he isn't dreaming of new futures for his native Jamaica. In "Gimmie Likkle/Finally," Royal considers an island where marijuana grows and burns freely. Royal outlines the political, social, and economic implications legalization of the cash crop would have, on the heels of Jamaica voting to decriminalize possession of marijuana—a step many saw as still slanted toward corporate and government interests. 'Nuff of these laws must be repealed, for any progress to occur globally, Royal riffs, and we don't really see many flaws in his logic. Browse through our weed-stuffed week of features from this past 4/20 while you're at it.

Jesse Royal’s “Gimmie Likkle/Finally” Is A Legalization Dream