Watch The Third Part Of Future’s Like I Never Left

“I never regret working so hard.”

July 15, 2015

The latest portion of Future’s Like I Never Left documentary focuses on the rapper’s relationship with DJ Esco. Esco’s explanation of their connection is pretty adorable: “We just decided we was gonna do this together and he wanted to get out the streets,” the DJ remembers. “And the best thing to do was hang out with me ‘cause I didn’t hang out with no one. So we just hung out together and made the dream come true.”


After that, it’s mostly inspirational quotes from Future. “As long as I got a mic, as long as somebody got a laptop and they can record me, that’s all I need,” he notes. “There’s no excuses when you want to get somewhere in life.” More powerful: “I never regret working so hard, because I hate the life I used to live.”

Watch the first and second part of the Like I Never Left and read the terrifying true story of how DJ Esco got stuck in a Dubai jail for 56 days.

Watch The Third Part Of Future’s Like I Never Left