Copenhagen’s Lower Made An Introspective Song About Partying

Hear the untethered first single from the band’s forthcoming Matador EP, I’m A Lazy Son… But I’m The Only Son.

July 15, 2015

Copenhagen rock band Lower has a new EP coming out this fall, and it's got a pretty unforgettable name: I’m A Lazy Son… But I’m The Only Son. Comparing it to last year's Seek Warmer Climes, the band's Matador debut, baritone-voiced lead singer Adrian Toubro says it's “more like resting on a divan instead of running a riot"—and it's hard not to imagine him doing just that when, on lead single "At The Endless Party," he layers growling romantic poetry and lovelorn sighs over a seasick bedrock of piano, guitar, and bongo rhythms. It's a bit too untethered to be straight rock opera material, but it comes close, especially in the band's professed intention to transport you into a sort of impressionistic composite of every single party you've attended since birth.

"'At the Endless Party' is about the parties we take part in from an early age," Toubro told The FADER via email, "and all that these parties contain—such as boozing, lounging, flirting, dancing, living life to its fullest, obtaining that bit of edge to life we all need in order to keep our minds fresh and vibrant. This song is not a tribute to, nor a critique of the endless party—it is experiences with partying, boiled down to this tiny 4:38 minute piece of information which sums up everything that the endless party is about." I’m A Lazy Son… But I’m The Only Son is out in its glammy totality on September 9th, and available for pre-order now via Matador worldwide and Escho in Denmark.