Color Plus Produces Warped But Danceable Sounds On “Hem”

The New York producer discovered new sounds after a big move.

July 16, 2015

New York-based electronic producer Color Plus knows how to make light of a terrible situation. “Hem,” the brand new single off of his forthcoming EP, Netcika, was crafted while conquering one of the most painstaking tasks familiar to New Yorkers: “[It] was recorded over the course of a very stressful move," Color Plus told the The FADER in an email. “[My] digital and analog gear was constantly being rearranged, leading me to sounds I wouldn't be able to create any other way."

The track's beat races rapidly, breaking only at the interruptions of warped tuba sounds and reverse tape effects. We're sure the consistent drops will promote club-goers to indulge in some outlandish stop-and-go motions. Brooklyn label Bootleg Tapes will release Color Plus' Netcika EP on July 21st.

Color Plus Produces Warped But Danceable Sounds On “Hem”