Lil B Is Now A Political Pundit

The rapper throws his support behind Bernie Sanders.

July 16, 2015
Lil B Is Now A Political Pundit Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Earlier this year, Lil B famously used his influence to help the Golden State Warriors defeat the Houston Rockets in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals. Now he’s turned towards an even bigger stage: politics. After Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders started following Lil B on Twitter, the MC announced his support for the Presidential candidate. “As much as I want to [support] a woman leading the USA, right now it’s all about Bernie,” the rapper declared. Like a good spokesperson, he touted his candidate’s credentials: “@SenSanders marched against segregation in the 60s which was not long ago! I love that brave dude!” Check out his tweets below, and pray that Lil B runs for President in 2020.


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Lil B Is Now A Political Pundit