There’s No Such Thing As Guilty Pleasures, An Apple Music Playlist

Songs to love out loud this summer.

July 16, 2015

There's songs you play loudly, and ones you queue up at the pad, away from prying ears. But something about hot July days brings these not-so-guilty pleasures foaming up to shore. Luckily, the lines between forefront and fringe have long been buffed out, and our favorite emerging artists are sneaking onto pop stations with surprising collabs and irresistible hooks. Here's a quick list of lighthearted hits we're relieved to hear while stuck at a sticky bar and love to blast while folding laundry. Claim them proudly: summer's about indulging, right?


1. Jidenna's "Classic Man" birthed the term mummafunka, a gift that keeps on giving.
2. Absolutely no one has danced to Silento's "Watch Me" better than the girl at the end of this video, so stop trying.
3. Who knew all JB needed to go full JT was Skrillex, Diplo, and an umlaut? "Where Are Ü Now" remains flames.
4. Chris Brown and Tyga are two misunderstood humans celebrating women with real hair on "Ayo."
5. The Major Lazer homies continue to repackage Caribbean vibes for the world's ears and Ellie Goulding's voice on "Powerful."

6. Sam Hunt's "House Party" is conflict-free country from a dude that bumps Drake.
7. Playing J. Cole's "Wet Dreamz" at a party might be social terrorism, and it might be the cheat code. Only one way to be sure!
8. It still isn't "3005," so we're assuming Childish Gambino is still right by our side.
9. Talk your truth, Nick Jonas. "Jealous" is real enough to run back another time.
10. "Drop That Kitty" combines so many different things we love it's hard to know where to start. Actually, we'll just start with Tinashe.

11. Quavo and King L over Disney showtunes? The Sox are crazy for "Familiar."
12. We are fully prepared for a Carly Rae Jepsen-dominated 2015. It started with "E-MO-TION" and won't end there.
13. You thought you dreamed this new Diddy/Pharrell "Finna Get Loose" right? Didn't you? You didn't.
14. While compiling these guilty pleasures, someone in the office said "Anything by Years & Years." "Eyes Shut" won out.
15. Ariana Grande might've gotten ID'd trying to get into The Weeknd's House of Balloons, but the duo make complete sense on "Love Me Harder."
16. You may feel guilty for singing along to Kehlani's "N****s." If you do, you should. But blast it anyway cause it's great.