This Is The Dadcore Meets Goth Streetwear Brand You Need Right Now

Alex James of Publish debuts Pleasures, his sweetly morbid new solo line.

July 20, 2015

As the creative brand manager for Publish, Alex James has helped to shape the menswear line's sporty, minimalist aesthetic. James' latest venture, Pleasures, marks a departure from the true-blue Americana territory into darker, albeit cheeky waters. We'll consider Pleasure's inaugural collection something in between dadcore and goth: lightweight coach jackets are decked out with a handwritten suicide note and canvas baseball caps are stitched with RIP messages for a fictionally dead Morrissey. Fittingly, the line's lookbook features expertly styled models traipsing around a cemetery. If you're down to dabble in the dark side of streetwear, browse Pleasure's first offerings here.