Seinabo Sey Reminds Us That Friends Are Everything In Her Video For “Pretend”

A pretty summer jam for all the dynamic duos out there.

July 20, 2015

This summer has been especially great for celebrating close confidantes. Between Nicki and Beyoncé's perfect, summer goals-defining video for "Feeling Myself," Girlpool's attached-at-the-hip homespun punk, and Drake's indelible additions to the friendship lexicon, our favorite music is bursting at the seams with reminders to always make time for our friends. Today, Swedish singer and GEN F alum Seinabo Sey adds her own take on the joys of friendship in her video for "Pretend," a new single out September 4th (pre-order it here).


The video, which you can watch above, follows two friends meeting up for a warmly lit stomp around their city, soaking in each other's company in front of movie theaters, on bridges, and in the subway's empty underground—all the while dancing to Sey's soulful, glimmering vocals and poignant lyrics. Things are going just as they should, knock on wood, Sey muses, as the best friends get down on a vacant outdoor track. "'Pretend' can be about anything you want," Sey told The FADER. "A song about forgetting your sorrows, burdens and feeling free, even if it’s only for a day. As long as we spend bright summer nights with friends we’ll be OK." Amen. You can read more wisdom from Sey here.

Seinabo Sey Reminds Us That Friends Are Everything In Her Video For “Pretend”