Ghostface Killah Refuses To Accept Action Bronson’s Apology

Plus, Azealia Banks chimes in.

July 21, 2015

Update, 7/21/15, 1:05 PM: Azealia Banks joined the Bronson vs. Ghostface saga today—though really Ghostface is the latecomer here, since Banks and Bronson exchanged insults on Twitter towards the end of last year. This morning, Banks tweeted, "[R]emember when action Bronson had all that mouth to insult me but now that ghostface pulled his card he's mum." "Fucking fat slob," she continued. "I want to see him get fucked up SO badly."


Banks also called attention to the men who attempt to intimidate her and noted that they would be judged more harshly if they were treating a white woman the same way. "I have a lot of disdain towards the men who have threatened me with bodily harm publicly," she said. "Of course, no one cares that I get spoken to in these ways because I am not a white woman." See the tweets below.

The contours of public fights in the social media era are fairly predictable: person A says something possibly derogatory about person B. Person B responds in kind. Then A apologizes and everyone is happy again. As an example, look at the recent OG Maco vs. Future dispute.

Action Bronson vs. Ghostface Killah may not disappear quite as quickly. After Bronson suggested on TV that Ghostface wasn't much of a rapper anymore, the older MC released a lengthy, scathing video attacking Bronson in a variety of ways and urging him to listen to more songs by Harold Melvin & The Blues Notes.

Bronson quickly apologized on Twitter, but according to Revolt TV, Ghostface refuses to accept his apology. In the clip above, which is possibly the shortest response video in history, Revolt asks the MC if he accepts Bronson's apology. "No, shit," is his terse reply.

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Ghostface Killah Refuses To Accept Action Bronson’s Apology