Sasha Marie’s “Airplane Mode” Mix Is A Perfect Excuse To Ignore That Text

Take a break wherever you are with the Soulection DJ’s amazingly curated mix.

July 21, 2015

Airplane mode, that mundane smartphone feature that cuts off your phone's reception abilities so it doesn't mess with aircraft navigation, is an increasingly useful tool for the connected human seeking some peace and quiet while not 30,000 miles up in the air. It's a quick and easy solution for when you want to press pause on the Frankenstein's monster of breaking news notifications, celebrity subtweets, and group text squabbles elbowing its way onto your screen and into your life.

Soulection DJ Sasha Marie is premiering a new mix today that riffs on the therapeutic powers of willfully disconnecting yourself from the device-contained world. "'Airplane Mode' is what you want to listen to when you feel the need to disconnect and focus on self," she told The FADER. "Music inspires me; it gives me the ability to create, to dream, to focus and to relax. I like to get lost in the music I love without interruption from everything else that is going on. I've compiled a list of songs that do that for me and I've mixed them together. This mix is for the artist, the musician, the student, the traveler and anyone else who just wants to get away for a moment." Sit back, relax, and take a 72-minute long staycation right now to hear classic Frank Ocean and James Blake tracks fade into what are sure to be your new favorite SoundCloud deep cuts. Stream "Airplane Mode" below, and join us in hoping to hear more from Sasha Marie on Soulection's Beats 1 radio show soon.


Frank Ocean - Memrise
Nosaj Thing - Don’t Mind Me (ft. Whoarei)
Zuper - The Thought of You
James Blake - Wilhelms Scream
Louis Perpetual - Secrets
Tom Misch - The Journey
Flying Lotus - beautifulaccidents
Sango - Smiles & Frowns
Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers
Madlib - Flowers (Instrumental)
Jesse Boykins III - From Time, With Time (ft. MoRuf)
PARTYNEXTDOOR - Juss Know (ft. Travis Scott)
Galimatias & Joppe ft. Goldlink (Gravez Remix) - One Step Back
El. Train - Want You Back
Workers- Runnin’
Jengi Beats - Sun Sun
J-Louis x Teddy Walton - Hollywood Nights
Jamie xx - Sleep Sound
The Internet (E.Doza Remix) - Special Affair
Krs x Masego - Hey Mami
Kayloo x Loowood - Sunshine
madbliss x rndysvge - Finest Dope
Whoarei - She Lives in My Dreams LSD
Flako - Lonely Town (ft. Dirg Gerner)
Haan808 - Percebi O Quad
Lately, I’ve Felt Unusual - Origami
Dabow - 1, 2, 3 (Swindail Edit)
Chuck Sutton - You’re
Jarreau Vandal - Your highness (ft. Monte Booker)
Cavalier - Too Late
Silo - Space Message
AzZi x Wilough - Female Energy
Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Marina Abramovic - Advice to the young (excerpt from interview)

Sasha Marie’s “Airplane Mode” Mix Is A Perfect Excuse To Ignore That Text