I Can’t Stop Watching These Videos Of Kids Dabbing In Atlanta

The dab is the Atlanta dance sweeping the summer.

July 28, 2015
This is dabbing.
Lots of kids in Atlanta can't stop doing it.
Dab has previously referred to a paralyzing wax-form of weed. But, as rapper Peewee Longway explains, the word is now both drug and lifestyle lingo, like "dope" before it.
Migos talked about dab on their recent Soulja Boy collab, "Yeen Heard": I'm havin' dab/ Yeah, that mean that I'm swaggin.
Producer Mike WiLL Made It told The FADER that dab "started off as a dance. Migos and Peewee made it popular," he said.
These days, rappers dab in their music videos...
...and on trampolines with their children.
"Atlanta is the mecca of hip-hop," Mike WiLL told The FADER. "Whatever happens out of the city, niggas is gon start doing it. If we start moonwalking, niggas is gon start moonwalking."

UPDATE: "Skippa was the nigga that was dabbing the most." -Mike WiLL