Here’s What Drake Said In 2009 About Rap Beef

Six years ago, he guessed: “It’s gonna be a female trying to get at me, I bet.”

July 29, 2015

In 2009, Joe Budden was at the forefront of direct-to-fan engagement with his JoeBuddenTV vlog series. The NJ rapper invited fans into the world beyond his point-and-shoot camera, chronicling his rocky relationship with then-girlfriend Tahiry, and his strong opinions on everything and everyone related to rap. It was a different time, when conservatives were still skeptical about Drake. the singing rapper from Canada who was angling for rap's throne. During a special installment of JBTV that year, Budden and Drake hung out on a Manhattan sidewalk and Budden grilled the young rapper on what proved to be inevitable: what would happen when someone sent a shot Drake's way? What would provoke him enough to record a response? His replies are enlightening in hindsight—after mistaking "diss" for "disc," Drake mentions a hilarious fan-made conflict between him and Cudi, and then guesses a female would try to diss him before a rapper did, before asserting that he'd never reply.


As a bonus, peep an even earlier moment in Drake's beef history: a 2006 phone call to a local Toronto rap station where Drake is embroiled in conflict with a rapper named Littles, who's accused him of wearing thongs. Then, read Drake's 2009 FADER cover story. Look how far we've all come!

Here’s What Drake Said In 2009 About Rap Beef