Grimes Really Loves Star Wars

“C-3PO has always been a personal favourite of mine.”

July 30, 2015

FADER cover star Grimes recently penned an essay about her Star Wars appreciation for LOVE magazine. She's no casual fan: "I first came to love Star Wars before I could even walk," she wrote. "It's one of my dad's favorite film series and we had all the box sets and remastered versions when I was growing up. He made us watch all the making-of documentaries and flagged up the technological innovations." She goes on to explain her appreciation for the visuals, the costumes, and the droids.

Grimes is definitely a science fiction fan: the title of her first album, Geidi Primes, nodded to the book Dune. Read the whole letter here, and revisit Grimes' cover story.

Grimes Really Loves Star Wars