French Rapper Monsieur Ice Says Vic Mensa Has A “Clear Lack Of Class”

“I guess that’s the game.”

July 30, 2015

After releasing a controversial track this morning, Vic Mensa was facing heat from across the pond this afternoon, as a French MC, Monsieur Ice seemingly accused Mensa of heavily borrowing material for Mensa's song "U Mad." The rapper tweeted "dans l'impunité totale" (roughly, "he got away with it") when asked if Mensa jacked the flow from Ice's "Horus," which was released last year.


The FADER got in touch with Ice via email to ask him about the two songs and he was a little more cautious with his allegations. "I can't say for a fact that 'U Mad' is based off of 'Horus,'" he wrote. "But there are clear and evident similarities between the two songs!"

(Two representatives for Vic Mensa did not immediately answer requests for comment)

Responding to the Complex story this afternoon, Mensa seemingly dismissed the issue altogether:

Monsieur Ice was less than pleased with Mensa's tweet.

"Vic Mensa's 'y'all are retarded' answer is disrespectful from one artist to another," he said. "It was a clear lack of class on his behalf. I guess that's the game. Personally speaking, I only discovered Vic Mensa when he performed 'All Day' at the BRIT Awards with Kanye, but he is a good artist. My EP Retro Super Love comes out this fall."

Listen to "Horus" below.

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French Rapper Monsieur Ice Says Vic Mensa Has A “Clear Lack Of Class”