Richard D. James Shares New AFX Song “oberheim blacet1b”

Plus a mastered version of a Syro track.

Illustration Gwendal Le Bec
August 01, 2015

Richard D. James went from being one of electronic music's greatest cyphers to a staple in little over a year, with his full-length Aphex Twin release Syro, follow-up EP Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 and a Soundcloud account revealing hidden tracks from his archive on a regular basis. And it shows no signs of stopping: on August 21, James will release Orphaned Deejay Selek (2006-2008) via Warp, a new eight track project as AFX, his first since the Analord series in 2005.


Yesterday on BBC Radio 6 , Mary Anne Hobbs premiered "oberheim blacet1b," an acidic and orchestral cut from the upcoming release. She even teaches you how to pronounce it. Talk about above and beyond, right? Stream it here at 2:38:00.

A newly mastered version of "MARCHROMT30A EDIT 2B 96," a bonus track from the Japanese edition of Aphex Twin's Syro, was uploaded to the Aphex Twin Soundcloud. Check that out below, and read our interview with the formerly elusive genius here.

Richard D. James Shares New AFX Song “oberheim blacet1b”