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Drake Showed Up To A Degrassi Reunion Last Night

The 6 God aka Aubrey Graham aka Jimmy Brooks looks so happy.

August 06, 2015
Last night Drake revisited a gentler era, a more refined time. A time when his most salacious beef was calling Ashley a slut after she totally went behind his back and said yes to a date with Shawn.
Yes, last night Drake reunited with his Degrassi co-stars to show them how much better he's gotten at rapping and to reminisce about the good ol' days.

#Drake reunited with the #Degrassi cast in Toronto

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The gang (minus Spinner and Ashley) reunited to celebrate the series premiere of We Are Disorderly starring Mazin Elsadig, who IMDB tells me played Damian on seasons 5 and 6.
I stopped watching after season 2, but I can still deeply appreciate these photos of present-day Shawn, Marco, Paige, and Jimmy.
The evening was a triumph, and proof that time is a flat circle and identity is an amorphous, shifting concept with no clear beginning or end.
Drake Showed Up To A Degrassi Reunion Last Night