Little Simz Teases Her Debut Album With The Ambitious “Wings”

“’Wings’ isn’t a ‘lead single,’ it’s a mission statement.”

August 12, 2015

Little Simz isn't just doing it better than most rappers in the UK right now: she's also doing it entirely on her own terms, and she's not afraid to shout about it. On "Wings," the first single she's shared from her upcoming self-released debut album (watch her perform it in the live video above), she speaks frankly about the pressure of finding her flow while also being business-minded; of reaching for greatness while also promising her mum she'll hold her down. Wrote this in the same bedroom that I started in, she spits, had to dream big, had to look beyond my ceiling.


"I’m in the best place in life right now," she told The FADER over email. "I finished my album, A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons, I've signed to myself and got my own label—AGE 101: Music—and I'm a very fortunate position where I'm able to put the album out on my own terms. This is an album without singles, it's a complete body of work, a concept album, so 'Wings' isn't a 'lead single' it's a mission statement. It's time for me to show and prove and I'm more than ready to make my mark."

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Little Simz Teases Her Debut Album With The Ambitious “Wings”