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Hear Suicideyear’s Spookily Romantic Remix Of 18+’s “Cake”

And get consumed by the creepy video.

August 13, 2015

L.A. duo 18+ have a history of commodifying and distorting sexual imagery in their videos, and the visuals for their new remix EP on Houndstooth are no different. To match Suicideyear's gloomily romantic production on the official remix of "Cake" (streaming exclusively above), Samia and Justin weave creepy snakes into stock footage of couples making out, and drop digitized rose petals over raunchy dancing avatars. "Lyrically, the original song alludes to sexuality and consumption," 18+ explained over email. "In relationships people absorb one another through feelings of love and trust; and though built upon, all of that has the potential to erode. As the video suggests, through sexuality lives are combined and details are lost. People become one another and lose themselves. The cacophony of information in the video is illustrative of this thought, as more and more layered experiences abstract the individual ones."

Hear Suicideyear’s Spookily Romantic Remix Of 18+’s “Cake”