The FADER Weekend Reading List

This week’s necessary longreads, on Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine, Tinder, and online crop top purveyors.

August 14, 2015
The FADER Weekend Reading List Jason Merritt / Getty Images
I Attended a 50-Step Contouring Class With Kim Kardashian West

Arabelle Siccardi, Racked (8/10)


Late last month, people flew to L.A. from as far away as Mongolia for the privilege of forking over $300 to watch Kim Kardashian walk through her now-legendary beauty routine. For Racked, Arabelle Siccardi recounted Kim's makeup master class, and offers up some insight about the people who "devote the four hours and thousands of dollars in beauty to be like Kim Kardashian."

Shop Jeen Is So Scene

Alexis Swerdloff, New York (8/13)

Shop Jeen is, like, a digital manifestation of what it means to be a millenial. We've been obsessed with the online shop's founder and owner, 23-year-old Erin Yogasundram, for what feels like forever. In this profile for New York, Alexis Swerdloff, goes deep on how Yogasundram came to be the internet's coolest CEO.

Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”

Nancy Jo Sales, Vanity Fair (8/8)

Have mobile dating apps led to peak hookup culture? Nancy Jo Sales' recent Vanity Fair story about Tinder makes the case that the app—and the internet, more broadly—has changed the way we interact romantically and sexually, and that there are different implications for men and women. Tinder objected to the piece very publicly, but it's absolutely worth the read.

Why Taylor Woolrich Wanted A Gun

Madison Pauly, BuzzFeed (8/13)

For four years, Taylor Woolrich was stalked by a man 47 years older than her. Even when she moved across the country, from California to New Hampshire, for school, his specter loomed. She wanted a gun to protect herself and when Dartmouth wouldn't grant her permission to carry one on campus, she wound up embroiled in a pro-gun rights political battle. For BuzzFeed, Madison Pauly tells her story.

What Happened To DIIV?

Patrick D. McDermott, The FADER (8/11)

For The FADER's Fall Fashion issue, Patrick McDermott spent time with Zachary Cole Smith to figure out what the hell happened to DIIV. Read the profile for a close look at the band's behind-the-scenes workings, its upcoming album, and Smith's relationship with Sky Ferreira and struggles with addiction.

Why This Psychologist Played Meek Mill For Therapy Patients

Matthew Trammell, The FADER (8/12)

Now that the memes have died, let's get very real about Meek Mill's music and biography. Beef aside, The FADER cover star's voice is an important one—so much so that psychologist Cendrine Robinson-Head uses his work during therapy sessions with youth who identify with Meek's impassioned music. Matthew Trammell interviewed Robinson-Head to find out how she uses the MMG rapper's work to help clients "identify emotions and reframe cognition."

The FADER Weekend Reading List