Prince Innocence’s “Manic” Is The Perfect Song For End-Of-Summer Existentialism

The Toronto duo will have you in your feelings.

August 17, 2015

Josh and Talvi, the Toronto duo that makes up Prince Innocence, always have me in my feelings. This time around, it's with the inward-looking, quasi-breakup song "Manic," premiering on The FADER today. Over a moody, slow-burning beat courtesy of Josh, Talvi cuts a wounded presence that's perfect for the meditative last few weeks of summer. With the temperature on the verge of dropping and the sharp fall winds promising to re-emerge, I plan to soothe my inevitable existential crisis with Talvi's sweet swinging: The circle breaks and you escape/ But can you say you're truly free from dark hallways and wasted days?

"'Manic' is about the experience of hypomania and the emergence from a depressive episode," Josh and Talvi told us over email. "It tries to convey the lush, cinematic lens through which someone in that state sees and interacts with the world. At the same time, there's a dark recognition of the universality and banality behind these moments. It's definitely one of our most sexually-charged songs and is in pretty huge contrast to 'I Don't Care,' which was an ode to apathy.” Listen to the track below, and stay tuned for a forthcoming Prince Innocence EP.

Prince Innocence’s “Manic” Is The Perfect Song For End-Of-Summer Existentialism