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“Bouncin” Is Peak Chief Keef

His latest Bang 3 Part 2 single is on repeat.

August 18, 2015

I seriously considered, and even drafted, an entire post of just quotables from "Bouncin'," the craziest Chief Keef record I've heard since "Faneto." The one line that's had me sitting on the repeat button and IMing the link to everyone I know is I think my choppa gay I pulled him out the closet/ I call my choppa Ye cause he half went to college. Naming and personifying your guns has been a storied goon tradition since 50 Cent had a Tec he named Tina and a .9 he named Nina, and Lil Wayne stretched the concept into an absurd love song/murder anthem. But Keef's take is so graceful and hilarious that you can forgive him for the reckless gun talk just weeks after attempting an anti-violence benefit in Chicago. Bang 3 Pt. 2 is on the way via FilmOn TV.

“Bouncin” Is Peak Chief Keef