This Video For C L N K’s “13” Looks Like Alien DNA

Error Broadcast will release the Romanian producer’s new EP, I.O.R., in October.

August 27, 2015

C L N K is the recording name of Romanian producer Silviu Badea, one of five young Bucharest artists I profiled last summer. His latest missive is "13," a whirring expanse of blunted snares and hi-hats that, thanks to this video by Ugly Stupid Honest, can't help but make me think of alien DNA. "13" will appear on C L N K's forthcoming EP, I.O.R.


"The Institute of Romanian Optics is an industrial building where they made lenses for devices during the communist era: optical glass, scientific and military stuff, medical supplies," C L N K told The FADER. "I went there since I was a kid. Lots of good stuff happened there, so I figured it's a good title for the EP. The video for '13' is the result of experimenting with the idea of infected geometry. Eventually it ends in a completely infected ball of tissue, morphing from a very technical synthetic aesthetic into a organic mass." Error Broadcast will release C L N K's new I.O.R. EP on October 2nd (pre-order it here).

This Video For C L N K’s “13” Looks Like Alien DNA