Become A “Technomancer” With Pictureplane

Use the machines to their full potential.

September 01, 2015

Travis Egedy, who makes music as Pictureplane, is releasing Technomancer this October. Today he shared the title track. "Manipulate your machine," Egedy sings enthusiastically. "You're a technomancer!" The song bounds forward behind thunderous bundles of synthesizer.

Look for Technomancer, Pictureplane's first album in four years, on October 30. Check out the tracklist below.


1. "Sick Machine"
2. "Esoterrorist"
3. "Joyrider"
4. "Death Condition"
5. "Street Pressure"
6. "Harsh Realm"
7. "Self Control"
8. "Chaos Radical"
9. "Technomancer"
10. "Riot Porn"
11. "Live Forever"

Become A “Technomancer” With Pictureplane