Pictureplane Ponders The Meaning Of Modern Day Life On “Hyper Real”

The Brooklyn producer emphasizes the importance of living in the present with a mix of modern EDM synths and ‘90s rap undertones.

February 03, 2015

Last time we heard from Pictureplane, the alter-ego of Brooklyn based artist Travis Egedy, he was designing a clothing line and sharing a video featuring a near-future dystopian New York with aliens. Now, Egedy is releasing his new single, "HYPER REAL," which features an ethereal yet steady mantra: living in the hyper real, love in the way that you feel. It's a lyric that breathes new life into the phrase "too fast to live, too young to die," which was championed by the early punk scene. The song emphasizes that feeling of living-in-the-present bliss through a mix of dance-y drum beats, modern EDM synths, and '90s rap undertones—perfect for the club.

"The song 'HYPER REAL' is dealing with the conceptual idea that runs through a lot of my work which is, 'What is really real?' How do you know? Who creates your reality? Who is in control of your reality?" Pictureplane told The FADER. "Especially as we move in to a future where any experience can be simulated, manufactured and designed. Essentially tailor-made lifestyles and identities, people buying and living lives that are created for them externally, and are not their own, and that there is no way to distinguish between your true self and a 'self' that has been created for you." Think on that, and hit play below. IHeartCommix will release "HYPER REAL" on February 10th.

Photo credit: Erez Avissar

Pictureplane Ponders The Meaning Of Modern Day Life On “Hyper Real”