Skylar Spence Shares “I Can’t Be Your Superman”

Bubbly nu-disco.

September 01, 2015

Skylar Spence returned today with "I Can't Be Your Superman," an uptempo cut that balances slick, Nile Rodgers-like guitar with serious sentiment: you're into trouble every chance that you get/ you're elusive and you're cold to the core/ say you're getting better, it's just a matter of time/ but I've heard you say it all before.

Spence told Billboard, "'Superman' is a song about a friend who was living very dangerously for a while. Around the time I wrote the song, I realized I was kind of an enabler of this behavior by not acknowledging the problem, but things soured as soon as I opened my mouth about it. It's not easy to help anyone who doesn't see the problem themselves, and that's where the song stems from."


Look for Spence's Prom King album September 18, and find out why he's a lapsed romantic.

Skylar Spence Shares “I Can’t Be Your Superman”