Float Away To This New Mix From Brooklyn’s Greem Jellyfish

It’s a “shoutout to jellyfish dancers” ahead of her set at Purple Trax’s party at Bossa Nova this Sunday.

September 04, 2015

Seoul-born, Brooklyn-based DJ and performance artist Greem Jellyfish can regularly be found performing around the city—sometimes with techno collective DUST, but more often taking the reins solo for her multi-disciplinary approach to music, poetry, and studio art. Ahead of her live set at Purple Trax's Bossa Nova party this Sunday, she's made a "High in Public" mix that evokes the spirit of the underwater world she focuses on in her work. On-theme throughout, this deep and immersive mix is underpinned by cartoon bubbles and the rush of waves.

"I created this mix for jellyfish dancers," Greem Jellyfish told The FADER. "I focused on the kick drum, the snare drums, the high hat, the bass line, the melody and the vocal. Imagine while you dance, all the instruments are played by different people. You can pick out one instrument and dance to it." Catch her live at Purple Trax's Labor Day weekend event, which will also feature sets from Lizzi Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance, Teengirl Fantasy's Logan Takahashi, and label boss Rezzie.

Float Away To This New Mix From Brooklyn’s Greem Jellyfish