Blue Daisy’s “Gravediggers” Is The Sound Of Chaos Lurking In The Shadows

Hear a terrifying new track from the U.K. artist’s second album Darker Than Blue.

September 08, 2015

The second album from vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Blue Daisy is no walk in the park. Fusing psychedelia, hip-hop, blues, and rock, Darker Than Blue sees the artist—north Londoner Kwesi Darko—roam into bleaker territory than he's ever trodden before; almost literally on the ground-shaking new single "Gravediggers" (premiering below). With his guttural vocal and an onslaught of screaming guitars, Darko thrusts the listener into the middle of a terrifying, cinematic scene.

Over email, Darko tells The FADER that he made "Gravediggers" imagining "walking down a deserted, dusty road, with all the chaos lurking in the shadows at night; like the underbelly of a harmless-looking town, where the snakes and beasts are hidden deep but are awake and on the prowl. The guitars, when the chorus kicks in, are where the chaos is represented. Think Black Sabbath meets Tom Waits, or White Stripes meets Seasick Steve featuring Nat King Cole—bluesy rock ballad with a punk aesthetic and energy! Rebel music!"


R&S Records will release Darker Than Blue on September 25. For more on how death, religion, and relationships shaped Blue Daisy's intense third album, read our interview with him here.

Blue Daisy’s “Gravediggers” Is The Sound Of Chaos Lurking In The Shadows