London MC Flohio Kills This New Track From Production Duo God Colony

Industrial beats meet a no-nonsense new voice on “Steady.”

September 15, 2015

God Colony are two producers from Merseyside, now based in London, who have been making music together since they were teenagers. This year, they've been working on a debut mixtape with a handful of MCs from around the world, including 22-year-old Flohio (of south London's TruLuvCru). On "Steady," Flohio's voice comes out blazing over the cavernous production, turning its churns and sirens into an addictive straight-talking jam about taking no nonsense from anyone.

"This track is just me doing me with a 'don't care' attitude," Flohio tells The FADER over email. "I completely removed myself from my comfort zone with this and explored other sounds. This track's nothing like anything any other producers sent me, so it made me want to write to it even more."


"We hooked up with Flohio just over a month ago, but we only needed one day together in the studio," God Colony add. "She was jaw-droppingly good—one of those undeniable, natural talents you see in front of a mic, someone who's just got it. We needed her to bring this beat alive and elevate the whole song into being something unique. She takes the industrial, concrete beat and makes it something really personal. There's a lot of fire and 'fuck you' to what she's saying; all the verses make your hair stand up." Listen exclusively below, and stay tuned for more on God Colony's upcoming project.

London MC Flohio Kills This New Track From Production Duo God Colony