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Stream Saba’s New Instrumental EP, SpareChange!

The Chicago rapper tries something new.

September 25, 2015

To be sure, Social Experiment-affiliated rapper Saba is savvy with words, but today he has delivered an full instrumental EP. His first go at this sort of thing, it is the product of fun and experimental studio sessions, said Saba in an email to The FADER. "I’ve been saying I was gonna drop a beat tape for some time now, but I didn’t want them to just sound like the instrumental versions of my own songs, I wanted them to work as songs on their own," he added. "There is still a lot to learn and a lot more sounds to expand on, but I’m pretty happy with the way the project turned out. I hope people enjoy something a little different from me." Listen to the 8-track project—which includes a lone feature from The O'My's Boyang Matsopola, as well as a tribute titled "NonameGypsy Type Beat—below.

Stream Saba’s New Instrumental EP, SpareChange!