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This Kindness DJ Mix Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear Today

Ahead of his DJ tour in Japan, the FADER cover star turns his 2015 faves into a must-hear mix.

September 29, 2015

Whether he's breaking down the perfect the pop song, sharing a moment with Kelela, or flipping tracks for Robyn, U.K. pop singer/producer Kindness never exhibits anything less that an exquisite ear. "He has amazing taste," confirmed friend and collaborator Dev Hynes in Kindness' FADER cover story last year. But don't take our word for it: dig into this brand new mix from the man himself ahead of his DJ tour in Japan this October (dates below). It's packed with 2015 gems like The Internet's "Girl," Thundercat's "Them Changes," Kelela's "Rewind," and a special Kindness remix of Jam City, and is set to put a bounce in your step this fall. Listen below, and scroll down for a quick catch-up with the FADER favorite.


What vibe were you going for on this mix?


KINDNESS: It's most of my favorite records from 2015 so far. It's not been a great year for life, but it's been a pretty good year for music. I'm also headed to Tokyo to play a few different nights, and I wanted folks out there to have an idea of what to expect. The title of the mix is a Japanese term which could mean both "Nice to meet you" and yet also "Please give me the benefit of the doubt."

You've been doing a lot of DJing recently—does that influence the way you make music in any way?

I'd take a detour into why self-supported musicians DJ (to fund their music, since all the other income streams are negligible at this point in time) but it'd be too depressing. Let's just say I want every record I make to make me feel the same way as "Girl" by Destiny's Child.


You're about to play in Japan. What's in your tour survival kit?

Google translate app with the live camera and voice translation. Saved me daily the last time around.

What's next for Kindness? Are you working on new music?


I just finished the song I was working for the Red Cross about the personal experiences of a Syrian family who fled the conflict there and were given refugee status in the UK. I hope we can release it soon—it seems that in the past few weeks, formerly resistant British people are receptive to having their minds changed. Maybe these stories could change a few more. I'm also here in New York getting suckered into writing cello parts for Dev's new record. He'd better return the bloody favor...

Kindness DJ dates:

2 October - UNIT Tokyo, Japan
9 October - LIQUIDROOM Tokyo, Japan
11 October - Asagiri Jam Festival, Japan
31 October - Ekko Festival, Bergen, Norway

This Kindness DJ Mix Is The Best Thing You’ll Hear Today