Londoners Are Using The Hashtag #DoILookDSTRKT To Protest Racist Door Policies

Women were reportedly turned away from a club for being “too dark.”

September 30, 2015

All over the world, people are using the hashtag, #DoILookDSTRKT, on social media to make a statement about racist door policies in nightclubs, and now The Weeknd and Stormzy have chimed in as well.


It all started this weekend, when according to The Guardian, the London club Dstrkt denied entry to a group of four minority women this weekend. A promoter then allegedly texted one of the women suggesting that two members of the group would be allowed in but the other two would not because they were "too dark" and "overweight." Supposed screenshots from this conversation soon appeared on the internet and were picked up by London media. The BBC also reported that a person involved with the club lined the girls up against a wall before turning them away.

Protesters who caught wind of this gathered outside the club last night as it hosted an event attended by Karrueche. Their efforts were documented on social media accompanied by #DoILookDstrkt.

According to the BBC, Karrueche was sorry to learn of the alleged discrimination. "It's unfortunate to hear about something like that, especially something that I'm part of," she said. "I'm half African-American too. I have god-sisters and family who have darker skin as well. I don't support any sort of discrimination. I love people for who they are."

Karrueche wasn't the only star to take note: The Weeknd and Stormzy also mentioned Dstrkt on Twitter. After the club seemed to suggest that The Weeknd was in attendance, the singer tweeted, "did you just lie to people and tag me in this? i wasn't in your club last night."

The BBC reportedly made contact with a manager at Dstrkt "who said the club doesn't turn away anyone based on race."

Londoners Are Using The Hashtag #DoILookDSTRKT To Protest Racist Door Policies