Rhode Island Rapper Khary Returns With “Ambidextrous”

The new track is a testament to doing things right... and left.

October 02, 2015

23-year-old rapper Khary has two EPs and a tour of the north-east under his belt, and new track "Ambidextrous" shows he's not stopping anytime soon. The Rhode Island rapper is now based in New York, but has long since graduated from manning The FADER's front desk to focus on music.

The core of his confident new song "Ambidextrous" is the refrain that he can make it work—and it's not hard to believe him. The tongue-in-cheek artwork reflects his spirit in the song, evading a discussion about cheating with a Tom Brady reference like any good Rhode Island boy should. What's more the Ocean State theme from his previous releases still sounds out strong, finding him reminding us that the Ocean State's great, don't make me call the tide in.

Rhode Island Rapper Khary Returns With “Ambidextrous”