Annie Is Catchier Than Ever On Eurodance-Inspired “Dadaday”

Endless Vacation EP is out on October 16.

October 06, 2015

Annie’s new EP is called Endless Vacation, and the second track we’re hearing from it is the kind of perky, irrepressible Europop that usually filters into the U.K. charts after soundtracking summer on the Costa Del Sol by, like, October 6th. “Dadaday” is a sweet-but-sad sugar rush of a song, with a daffy earworm that makes me wanna play Gypsy Woman’s “She’s Homeless” or ATC's "Around The World" right after. As the track’s co-producer Richard X put it, "I was able to live out a long time fantasy of pretending to be a proper Eurodance producer.”

Like the EP’s lead single “Cara Mia” – and Annie’s 2009 “Anthonio” – “Dadaday” paints those summer nights as both rose-tinted and tainted. Annie explained to The FADER in an email: “The Endless Vacation is a dream, but not necessarily a good one. The artwork represents that. Like, a perfect holiday which is actually a disaster. You’re spending time in a wonderful place but with someone who you don’t have anything to talk about with. But if you looked at the holiday photos everything would still look good on the surface. 'Dadaday' is a sad song from this holiday... like you are left alone in the hotel disco”


Cry at the discotheque via the embed below, and pre-order Endless Vacation here.

Annie Is Catchier Than Ever On Eurodance-Inspired “Dadaday”