Rosie Lowe Gets Wavy In Her “Worry Bout Us” Video

Her Machinedrum-produced emotional banger.

October 08, 2015

U.K. singer-songwriter Rosie Lowe matches classic, piano-driven soul with electronic wobbles to articulate the most in-between and awkward of emotions. In "Worry Bout Us," the latest single to be shared from her upcoming debut album—set for release on Wolf Tone/Polydor in 2016—she's teamed up with Machinedrum to wrap up that moody uncertainty inside a low-key banger.


As you watch the track's trippy new video, don't adjust your screen: Lowe's body drifts and skitters across the frame with the beat. "It was a really interesting process shooting this video because the effect work was all done in post-production," Rosie told The FADER over email. "So we had to put a huge amount of trust in the team and imagine what everything would look like after. The video process reminded me of writing ‘Worry Bout Us’ with Travis [Machinedrum]—there has to be an unspoken trust and openness of where you’re both headed creatively. Often it doesn’t work, but when it does it's big!"

Rosie Lowe Gets Wavy In Her “Worry Bout Us” Video