ItsTheReal Ink Deal With MTV For New Scripted TV Show

“It’ll take a lot of cues from Rick Ross’ MMG tour videos.”

October 14, 2015

Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, the brothers who make up hip-hop comedy duo ItsTheReal, announced this morning that they've inked a deal with MTV to executive produce, write, and star in a still-untitled scripted TV show, which will be co-executive produced by John Legend. It's the culmination of eight years of YouTube parodies, celebrity interviews, collaborations with real rappers, and episodes of their podcast, A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal.

In a phone interview with The FADER, the brothers said that the show would be a fusion of everything they've done in the past, and described it as "a hip-hop Louie." They also added that it will "take a lot of cues from Rick Ross' MMG tour videos." Jeff described the show as being about "two signed rappers sitting on the shelf of a major music label just trying to get hot enough to get our album out."

The pair actually pitched the idea two or three years ago, but nothing got going until they signed with their manager Ty Stiklorius, who is a partner at Legend's Get Lifted Productions. Get Lifted and Legendary Pictures (The Dark Knight trilogy and The Hangover movies) will produce the show and Jeremy Miller and Dan Cohn are already signed up as show-runners. (A production timeline is still being worked out.)

"It's an extension of everything that we built over the last eight years so it's very authentic," Eric said. Jeff agreed and chimed in that, "We feel these aspects come together pretty neatly in a project that we're going to be very proud of."

ItsTheReal Ink Deal With MTV For New Scripted TV Show