Count Down To Carnival With Bunji Garlin’s “Take Over Town”

Future soca sounds.

October 15, 2015

We're midway through October, which means that the best contenders to soundtrack Carnival 2016 are slowly creeping in. Bunji Garlin's "Take Over Town," a new song produced by Static, is typical for the Trini star—as ever, he's leaning into EDM-inspired production and pushing soca further into the new, reimagined direction he's become known for championing.

Here's how Garlin contextualized the song's futuristic concept on Instagram: "We are the Harbingers of Sound, Light and Time. Beings of humanoid form, we thrive on sound and energy. A future hive mind from beyond the millennia voids that phase shift outside of the Milky Way known only as the 4ourth Galaxii, our civilization rests on the Planet Rr/\z'Tchuune and we have been visiting you for centuries, passing through quadrophonic vortexes, waking among you creating sound forms but we are only here with one purpose. To bring you sound that breaks dimensions and knowledge,sound that creates portals into a future version of your knowledge."


There are still four months to slog through before Carnival, but I'm officially ready for de road. Listen to the track below.

Count Down To Carnival With Bunji Garlin’s “Take Over Town”