Hear Jammer’s Remix Of Disclosure’s “Jaded”

The BBK member puts his own spin on Disclosure’s track.

October 15, 2015

The brothers in Disclosure tend to keep things smooth; their new album maintains a pristine surface at all times. Jammer doesn't care for that approach: his version of "Jaded" stutters and flops. "When I got the parts to 'Jaded,' I knew I wanted to make a fresh underground-sounding record that was friendly to the ear," he told i-D. "Not commercial but musical—something everyone could get into."


"It took two all-nighters to record this live," he continued. "You've got CJ on sax and Blizzard on additional keys. Disclosure make good records and I hope I've complimented what they'd already done." Listen above, and read FADER's Jammer interview.

Hear Jammer’s Remix Of Disclosure’s “Jaded”