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Enter Vaghe Stelle’s Glitchy Virtual World In “The Last H.O.P.E.” Video

The Italian producer paired up with cyberspace theorist Alan Sondheim to create the fantastical visuals.

October 15, 2015
Directed by Alan Sondheim

Italian producer Vaghe Stelle is back with a video for new track, "The Last H.O.P.E.," which features fragments of human figures spinning in a colorful digital landscape. Stelle told The FADER that the song was "meant to be the last entry in a series of tracks inspired by the hackers aesthetics," which explains why said glitchy shapes seem to be floating around in a malfunctioning video game.


The video was directed by contemporary artist and cyberspace theorist Alan Sondheim, of whom Stelle is a big fan. "Sondheim's apocalyptic human-textures videos are to me the only visual representation of what I envisioned when I wrote ['The Last H.O.P.E.']," Stelle continued. "I have to admit it took me one or two years to come up with the right excuse to ask Alan to collaborate with me, and I can clearly remember my almost violent happiness when he replied saying he thought my music was fitting perfectly with his videos."

Vaghe Stelle will be playing Club to Club Festival in Turin, Italy this November. Check out the lineup below and revisit his FADER Mix here.

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Enter Vaghe Stelle’s Glitchy Virtual World In “The Last H.O.P.E.” Video