Stream Lorenzo Asher’s Nora

A dancey, druggy, future R&B tribute to ‘90s babies.

October 21, 2015

Having built a healthy buzz off a handful of early singles ("Good Vibes," "Liverpool"), today Brooklyn future R&B upstart Lorenzo Asher has delivered a full bodied project titled NORA for his fellow '90s babies.

Filled with tracks that interpolate sounds from dance, Drake, and the drug-fueled R&B of the Weeknd, NORA is not so much an album about relationships—it's about Asher's entire generation. "I wanted to capture the essence of our vulnerabilities and insecurities," Asher explained in an email to The FADER. "From the depression to the drug-induced euphoric phases, I wanted this project to embody it all. I wanted to tell a story without being boring, or corny—a story about us kids born in the '90s."


"I hope it resonates with someone," he added.

'90s babies and otherwise, listen below.

Stream Lorenzo Asher’s Nora